Subscribe for REMP receipts

After sending an external inbound message you can subscribe for its processing statuses

This feature may be good if you want to make your application more responsive and user-friendly by providing detailed information about message processing stages to the user.

Use subscription rempReceipts to receive message processing statuses.

Subscription returns an error message and closes if the first receipt is not received within 5 seconds, and if any subsequent receipt is not received within 60 seconds after the previous receipt.

You can subscribe for receipts directly from API or you can use ever-sdk process_message function to receive these statuses into the callback. See the sample.

  rempReceipts(messageId: "082a5c2ab5b68b0ef9b8ced4fa865933ab19603f5171ec1190f3f45943214de0"){

Result message payload example

  "data": {
    "rempReceipts": {
      "messageId": "082a5c2ab5b68b0ef9b8ced4fa865933ab19603f5171ec1190f3f45943214de0",
      "timestamp": 0,
      "json": "{\"message_id\":\"082a5c2ab5b68b0ef9b8ced4fa865933ab19603f5171ec1190f3f45943214de0\",\"timestamp\":0,\"source_id\":\"a0573b3f9ed4e78781250a8a6955e930ffbde24e35d50b85dd2cf50f1d6ef30e\",\"signature\":\"\",\"kind\":\"PutIntoQueue\"}",
      "kind": "Other"

Error payload

If no receipt was received within a timeout (5 seconds for the first receipt, and 60 seconds for next receipts), there will be a ws message with error type and this payload:

  "error": {
    "name": "Error",
    "message": "Timeout"

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