Subscribe Collections

Subscribe to blockchain events

You can create a websocket subscription for any event in the blockchain.

Read filter syntax and collections documentation in the previous section.

In this example, we start a subscription and get a result whenever a new block is generated.

subscription {
  blocks {

The filter and result parameters are the same as in the query method. The filter parameter narrows the action down to a subset of monitored items. In this case, the filter is empty: all items are included into monitoring.

wscat -c your-wss-endpoint -s graphql-ws
{"id":"1","type":"start","payload":{"variables":{},"extensions":{},"operationName":null,"query":"subscription{\n  blocks(filter:{\n    workchain_id:{\n      eq:-1\n    }\n  }){\n    seq_no\n    id\n  }\n}"}}

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